ArtCube Army is particularly adept at this crisis as it’s rife with niche fabricators and artisans, who are accustomed to fast action on no sleep with no room for error.

We are the MacGyvers of production. We are a small batch, quick turnaround operation sending our face shields all over New York City NOW.  We adhere to a strict hygienic protocol in our production and deliveries. 1000's have already been delivered and our production will continue to scale in quantity and breadth of PPEs.


Feed The Freelancers

Feed the Freelancers is an initiative to distribute groceries to non-union freelancers, who are treated by many companies as sub-contractors.  Being that they are not being paid as employees, freelancers are being overlooked by the majority of the programs providing aid. Feed the Freelancers aims to alleviate this disenfranchised group of some financial burden and to insure they receive proper nutrition.

Gum Studios

Female-owned Film Studio and Media Production Company in NYC. 21,000 sq ft Quality Level 1 Production Facility - located one block from the water front in Long Island City and 25,000 sq ft Quality Level 1 Production Facility in Brooklyn Industry City. Gum provides space & storage for FEEL initiatives.

SkilleLaborers BrigadeFINALLOGOArtboard

Skilled Laborers Brigade

We mobilize and organize the skilled labor you need to quickly turn materials into finished PPE.  ​

Before the COVID-19 crisis, all 500+ of our members were paid professional tradesmen in the fashion and entertainment industries including tailors, cutters, pattern makers, seamstresses, stitchers, graphic artists, designers, and more. Most of our members belong to trade unions.

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Face Gear Friday

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our healthcare professionals and frontline workers are in critical need of PPE. In response, we are funding local businesses, fabricators and seamstresses, to manufacture and hand assembling PPE. We coordinate with hospitals, nursing homes and first responders to ensure secure delivery of all PPE.  

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Edge Auto Rental

With one of the most diverse fleets on the east coast, Edge carries cube trucks, passenger vans, sedans, luxury sprinters, refrigerated vehicles, mobile offices, SUVs, cargo vans & more! Available for personal & corporate rentals, Edge specializes in production rentals. Edge provides vehicles at a discounted rate for FEEL initiatives.

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COVID–Courage was formed by concerned NYC residents and doctors. We are working to find alternate and innovative ways to get the resources that NYC desperately needs - Now. Dr. Natasha Anushri Anandaraja is coordinating this effort as a physician who has first hand knowledge of the urgent need for equipment in our healthcare facilities. She can be reached directly at:


Earth Angel

Earth Angel’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions to entertainment productions through education, waste reduction, resource management and carbon tracking. We provide the labor and resources necessary to help film, television and commercial productions strive toward carbon neutral goals across all departments. 

Below The Line

Below The Line production supply was founded in September 2015 by production folk who have more than 35 years combined working production in NYC and the surrounding areas. BTL provides the Feed the Freelancers initiative with hampers, used for transporting groceries for distribution.