We are entertainment leaders retooling the existing personnel, infrastructure, and global networks of the Industry to emergency response.


Why repurpose Entertainment Workers?


Entertainment workers are highly skilled laborers, fabricators, and creative professionals used to working 12-14 hour days, under stress and in all conditions. Their greatest asset is our supply of entertainment leaders such as producers and production managers, the women and men who regularly coordinate productions of 50-500 people with only a handful of personnel.  They routinely respond to last-minute changes, as well as sourcing/fabrication with amazing speed and efficiency.

Current Program


  • Volunteer Production Managers and Coordinators are sourcing resources/capital and organizing/dispatching transportation. 

  • Connecting other groups and organizations aiding in the emergency response of COVID-19 (and beyond) with compliance, labor, and other resources.

  • Dispatching/Retraining workers as first responders and relief labor.  We are happy to employ them ourselves or offer them to other organizations.

  • Providing relief to entertainment workers and first responders in time of need.


Post-Disaster Program


When the situation subsides, most of us will return to our normal lives, keeping the emergency response aspect of the organization in place to quickly organize should we be useful/needed again.  We will then build a system to connect other not-for-profit organizations and for-profit non-entertainment related industries with Entertainment workers for volunteer or paid short-term positions. 



Hello, my name is Nicco Quinto.  I'm a commercials producer and IATSE Local 600 cinematographer.  I founded FEEL in response to the COVID-19 pandemic after seeing my wife Christa Brunks, a production designer, in our bedroom making  “Surgical Shields” for hospital staff. She was recently laid off and decided to make surgical shields after reports surfaced that there were shortages of personal protective equipment. As I watched her make these masks with ease because of her background in production design, I realized that the entertainment industry professionals possess specific skill sets that are invaluable during times of crisis. If there were an organization dedicated to assembling the industry into one unified effort, we would have a significant impact. To that end, we formed Film & Entertainment Emergency Logistics.  


FEEL is an adaptive network of experts in on-location temporary construction, various technologies, and logistics management. The greatest need presently is in supply chain and logistics, an area in which members of FEEL are already intimately involved with daily.   While we are by no means the only effort by the entertainment community to aid in the COVID-19 disaster, we have the resources and connections necessary to facilitate a very thorough response and long-term management.

For all those in the entertainment industry, willing and able to aid in this effort, please fill out our form!

Thank you very much for taking the time to hear my message. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Nicco Quinto

Managing Director

Nicco Quinto has 11 years experience in Motion Picture and Television Production.  In addition to producing International and Live Broadcast commercials, Nicco has worked on over 1000 different productions across every genre and sub-genre of production.  In the first few years in the industry, he also worked for a startup Medical Device Company under Dr. Govindan Gopinathan of NYU called iNeedMD bringing an FDA Cleared Medical device to market called “The EKG Glove”. 

Website: www.niccoquinto.com

tyson headshot.jpg

Tyson Hauff

Director of Procurement

Tyson Hauff is a Line Producer with experience in budgets, efficiency, and logistical management. He has managed multi-million dollar budgets and helps to ensure that television shows are delivered on target and on time. He has overseen a variety of formatted and docs-series programs, including many seasons of Project Runway, and “The Real Housewives” franchise.


Nick Stergiou

Director of Logistics

Nick Stergiou is a Commercial Producer/Production Supervisor in the NYC Tri-State area with a secondary background as a Transportation and Logistics Manager for large operation reality shows, concerts, and events. Some credits as a PM and Transportation Manager include The Amazing Race, Sesame Street, and the NBA Finals. Between gigs, you might find him sharing a laugh or planning the next April's Fool prank on Movie Set Memes, a Facebook Group he helps manage.


Kim Ofria

Procurement Manager

Kimberly Ofria is a Co-Executive Producer, with a strong Production Management background and has worked on various shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Total Divas, Project Runway and Big Brother. Her skills include team management, logistics, writing and producing content on time and on budget both domestically and internationally. 


Jess Weiss

Chief Operations Officer

Jess Weiss is a New York-based producer, with over ten years of production experience, in feature films, commercials, theatre and live events. She recently wrapped the nonprofit For Freedoms Congress, bringing artists from all of the United States together to discuss social issues and human rights. Her clients also include Coca-Cola, Panera Bread, Sonos and Anthem Blue Shield.

For more information: https://www.jess-weiss.com

Low Quality Headshot.jpg

Isabella Olaguera

Director of "Feed the Freelancers"

Isabella Olaguera, a career Assistant Director with over 80 long-form productions, is the FEEL Director of Feed the Freelancers, an initiative to distribute groceries to the non-union freelancers, who are treated by many film productions as sub-contractors.  Being that they are not being paid as employees, the film freelancers are being overlooked by the majority of the programs providing aid.  Feed the Freelancers aims to alleviate this disenfranchised group of some financial burden and to insure they receive proper nutrition.

Stephanie Headshot 2017.jpg

Stephanie Dawson

Transportation Manager

Stephanie Dawson is a freelance production manager and line producer who has worked in scripted and unscripted longform and short form production. She is happy to support FEEL during this effort.